ISSN 2039-1676

31 luglio 2015 |

On instruments adopted in the area of freezing and confiscation

Relazione svolta al Consultative Forum dei Procuratori generali e dei Procuratori della Repubblica degli Stati membri dell'UE (L'Aia, 12 dicembre 2014)

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TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1 Foreword. - 2. Confiscation as a "false friend"? On differences among Member States' legislation and their impact on asset recovery procedures. - 3. The approximation of States' practices through the "underground tunnel" of judicial co-operation: the mutual recognition as a Trojan horse? - 4. The 2014 Directive and relevant background. Main criticalities: modern confiscation 'vis-à-vis' fundamental principles. - 5. Overview of the some critical issues arising from the 2014 Directive.